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When Qntal first appeared on the scene in 1992 with their hitherto unheard, daring mixture of medieval melodies and electro, they took the world by surprise. Their combination was an unexpected novelty. To this day, Qntal are pioneers of a genre that they themselves co-founded. 

Concerts 2024

Friday, 28 June
Oberhausen – Kulttempel, Mülheimer Str. 24

Saturday, 29 June
Elmshorn – Hörnerfest

Saturday, 6 July
Aschaffenburg – Museumsnacht



WGT, Leipzig, almost every year for 27 years
Mera Luna, earlier Zillo-Festival
Amphi Festival
Mera Luna
Castle Rock
Fantasy Festival
Schwarzer Ball, Zürich
Festival Mediaval Selb
Beltaine Mystery Night
NCN Festival
Fantasy and Medieval Days, Saarbrücken 
Gothic Festival, Waregem
Trolls and legends, Mons
Elfenfestival, Utrecht
USA: Faerieworld, Philadelphia and Oregon

On tour, Germany:

Leipzig, Werk 2, Moritzbastei
München, Backstage, Muffathalle
Hannover, Pavillon, Capitol
Hamburg, Schlachthof, Markthalle
Bochum, Bahnhof Langendreer, Christuskirche
Dresden, small theatre
Jena, Casablanca
Stuttgart, Karlsruhe, Augsburg, Frankfart (among others Das Bett)
Essen, Zeche Karl
Berlin, K17, Kulturbrauerei

On tour, Abroad:

Genf, L’usine
Paris, la locomotive
Portugal, Festival in Leiria
Russland, St. Petersburg und Moskau
Antwerpen, Gala nocturna
Den Bosch, Enschede, Brüssel, Eindhoven
Gent, Handelbeurs
Amsterdam, Melkweg
Utrecht, Tivoli
Vittoria d.G., Murcia, Granada, Madrid
Bolkow, Castle Party

Concerts in a classical setting:

Landshuter Hofmusiktage
Festival van Flaanderen, Mechelen, Closing concert of the festival
Schwäbisch Gmünd, Festival European church music
Walkenried, Cloister concerts



Where modernity and the past collide with elemental force, where space and time foam from their traditional paths and borders melt into gently meandering waves, there is the sphere of Qntal. An ever-changing refuge, oscillating, dazzling and mysterious.

Qntal is the avant-garde cosmos of two exceptional artists who came together in 1991 to combine medieval songs and words with electronic sound constructions. Electronic beats, medieval and exotic instruments, powerful choirs and Syrah's enraptured vocals - new musical territory was broken here. 9 albums were created over the decades, with fascinating guests and in long-standing partnerships with producers such as Ernst Horn, Phil Groth and Leon.

Qntal brings poetry from space and time into new musical forms, dreamy, melancholic, then again powerfully blazing. Minnelieder, Carmina Burana, ancient Celtic verses, Japanese old masters, German and English Romanticism are moulded into new soundscapes by Michael Popp, contemporary authors such as Markus Heitz write poems for the band. Inspired by this multilingual poetry, Qntal enchant their unusually diverse audience, who travel to concerts from as far as South America, Japan and Spain.

This duality of danceable, powerful beats and undulating, intimate spheres of sound has been aptly and multi-facetedly brought to the point by the new producer Christian Käufl alias El Conde. The electronics are used expressively and experimentally, playfully interwoven with acoustic sound tools. The ninth album "Time Stands Still" exudes the unique spirit of Qntal with every note. Even after more than three decades of making music, the duo remains the antithesis of creative stagnation. And in a world in which the wheel of time seems to turn ever faster and more mercilessly, "IX" is not only a virtuoso deceleration, but also a salutary alternative - a sanctuary of inner contemplation and reflection. "I very much hope that Qntal will remain an antithesis forever," concludes the multi-talented Michael Popp. "The mainstream flows elsewhere." Peter Sailer




  • Winterly Waves
  • Fontanas
  • Don't Fear The Reaper
  • Quis Est Deus
  • Dancing With The Daffodils
  • L'on Dit Q'amors Est Dolce Chose
  • Mich Fing Die Minne
  • Black Byrd
  • Morungens Liebeslied
  • O Welt
  • Time Stands Still
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  • Nachtblume
  • Die finstere Nacht
  • Music on the waters
  • Monteclair
  • Echo
  • Parliament of fowles
  • Chint
  • Before the world was made
  • O fortuna
  • Minnelied
  • Sumervar

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  • Flaming Drake
  • Tenacious Love
  • Tyger
  • By The Light Of The Moon
  • Blow Northerne Wynd
  • Swebend
  • Frühlingslied
  • Schnee
  • In Dem Begyn
  • Rossignolet
  • Flame Amoureuse
  • Musa Venit
  • Melos Lacrimosum
  • Nox Aeterna

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Disk 1
  • Sleeping [04:46]
  • Departir [05:33]
  • Slahte Wille [05:44]
  • Translucida [06:27]
  • La Froidor [05:27]
  • Glacies [03:43]
  • Worlds Of Light [05:01]
  • Obscure [04:43]
  • Sumer [04:14]
  • Amorous Desir [04:24]

Disk 2
  • Ludus [04:38]
  • Unmaere [06:15]
  • La Froidor ( Version Noir ) [06:28]
  • Slahte Wille ( Version Bleu ) [05:07]
  • Sleeping [04:46]

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  • Monsieur`s Departure
  • Amis Raynaut
  • Levis
  • Von den Elben
  • Lingua Mendax
  • Falling Star
  • The Whyle
  • Winter
  • Altas Undaz
  • 292
  • Silver Swan

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  • All for one
  • Ozymandias I
  • Vogelfluc
  • Blac
  • Dulcis amor
  • Cupido
  • Flow
  • Flamma
  • Amor volat
  • Ozymandias II
  • Indiscrete
  • Noit e dia
  • Remember me

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Disk: 1
  • All For One [04:33]
  • Sumer [04:11]
  • Palästinalied [05:55]
  • Ad Mortem Festinamus [06:05]
  • Flamma [03:57]
  • Nihil [04:48]
  • Am Morgen Fruo [04:51]
  • Altas Undaz [04:52]
  • Cupido [05:50]
  • Departir [05:30]
  • Von Den Elben [04:46]
  • Entre Moi Et Mon Amin [07:20]
  • Levis [03:38]
  • Unter Den Linden [03:38]

Disk: 2
  • 292 ( A Darker Shape Mix ) [04:47]
  • Lasse, Grand Doucor [06:15]
  • La Froidor ( Version Noir ) [06:25]
  • Glacies ( Candidus Mix ) [06:30]
  • Veni ( Filthy Floor Remix ) [05:14]
  • Rose In The Mor [06:01]
  • Noit Et Dia ( Obscurus Remix ) [04:51]
  • Unmaere [06:12]
  • Rot [06:08]
  • Ecce Gratum ( Novus Mix ) [05:30]
  • Ludus [04:36]
  • Levis ( Half Light Mix ) [04:35]
  • Slahte Wille ( Version Bleu ) [05:07]

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  • Owi, Tristan
  • Name der Rose
  • Maiden in the Mor
  • Lamento De Tristano
  • Am Morgen Fruo
  • Lasse
  • Ecce Gratum
  • Spiegelglas
  • Maravillosos
  • Entre Moi Et Mon Amin
  • Gottinne Minne
  • Vedes Amigo
  • Verirret

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  • Introitus
  • Palestinalied
  • Frühling
  • Hymni Nocturnales
  • Vos Attestor
  • Herbst
  • Abaelard
  • Virgo Splendens
  • Trobar Clus
  • Sine Nomine
  • Ab Vox d'Angel
  • Epilog

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  •  Un Vers De Dreyt Nien
  • Ad Mortem Festinamus
  • Anc Non Lo Vi
  • Por Mau Tens
  • Floris E Blanchaflor
  • Unter der Linden
  • Rossinhol
  • Non Sofre Santa Maria
  • Doussa Res
  • Jherusalem
  • Sanctus

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Lead Vocals

Michael Popp

Songwriting, Guitars, Dilruba (his favourite), Saz, Ud, Tar, Teremin, Santur, Lute ...

El Conde

Guitar, Bass, Keyboards

Markus Köstner


Sarah Mariko

Vocals, Electric Violin

Naranbaatar Purevdorj

Horsehead Fiddle, Mongolian Throat Singing


"...and then there are acts like Qntal, with whom every album is a little adventure.... A real lyrical surprise is the song "Schnee", whose words were written by fantasy author Markus Heitz. It is ultimately thanks to the expertise and virtuosity of Michael Popp and Sigrid Hausen that Qntal VII is another milestone in historically inspired music." Sonic Seducer, Peter Heymann

"Poems from ancient times in an electronic guise: since 1992, the German project Qntal has been delighting listeners with its fusion of the Middle Ages and modernity. It is often dark, sometimes danceable, always mystical. The enchanting voice of singer Syrah and Michael Popp's sound constructions transport you ... to infinite worlds, expanses, heights and depths. Timelessly beautiful." Münchner Merkur

"...with Qntal, Gregorianik &Co. is not a sound mascot, with which cheap rock has often been pimped in recent years, but the very serious approach to the sound world and effect of the Middle Ages.... Qntal, the successful attempt at an approach to the Middle Ages..." Süddeutsche Zeitung

The Orkus record of the month! "Never has the musical range on an album by the band been as wide as here and the overall impression at the same time so cohesive and immediately addictive..." Orkus, Christoph Kutzer

"Lyrical, magical, wonderful" Zillo
"When the Qntal project first appeared on the scene in 1992 with its unheard mixture of the Middle Ages and electronics, the amazement was great... The truly special thing about the artfully conceived and sensitively realized soundscapes is precisely the diversity and outstanding talent demonstrated by Syrah and Michael Popp. To this day, Qntal are the masterminds who have created something excitingly new from the actually contradictory worlds of middle-aged and electronic music - their own musical language, their own grammar of sounds." Dark music world

Qntal at a classical festival in a Romanesque church: "...it is indeed difficult to escape these suggestive sound paintings. The rocking spherical music, the Romanesque building, whose architecture plays out a brilliantly used play of light, and Syrah's clear voice, underpinned with a light, seductive mellifluousness - everything flows together into a formula that suspends the time continuum in a space that has never existed and will never exist again. Basically the musical ideal." Gmünder Tagespost
Sigrid Hausen
‭Phone +49 (0) 179 910 20 90‬
Michael Popp
Phone +49 (0) 179 241 29 98